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PT Philly: The Experience (Part 1/2)

I must say, this was the best weekend I’ve ever had in Magic.

I’ll spare you the prologue and get right into it; I, along with Josh Harris, Lambros Doulos, Isabel Hayes, and Anthony Conta, arrive at the site a bit after 3pm, we decided to wander for the most part, to find people that we know. As we hang out for about a half hour. We found out that we could do Standard 8 mans for 5 bucks. The kicker: The promo Ajani Goldmane that was given out sold to dealers for 10 bucks at the time (5 bucks a little bit later). I was certainly going to run those. I wound up splitting one, semi-ing another, and losing 2 others in the first round.

Of course, I was on Valakut: 

  • 4 Primeval Titan
  • 3 Inferno Titan
  • 1 Avenger of Zendikar
  • 4 Oracle of Mul Daya
  • 1 Solemn Simulacrum
  • 1 Birds of Paradise
  • 4 Rampant Growth
  • 3 Khalni Heart Expedition
  • 1 Cultivate
  • 4 Explore
  • 2 Green Suns Zenith
  • 2 Summoning Trap
  • 2 Beast Within
  • 4 Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle
  • 3 Terramorphic Expanse
  • 3 Evolving Wilds
  • 2 Raging Ravine
  • 5 Forest
  • 11 Mountain


  • 1 Summoning Trap
  • 1 Beast Within
  • 2 Act of Aggression
  • 1 Gaea’s Revenge
  • 2 Obstinate Baloth
  • 2 Creeping Corrosion
  • 3 Combust
  • 3 Pyroclasm

Overall, the deck performed well, I felt that I should have mulliganed more in some games, but I was happy with how well it turned out.

Later on in the day, Morgan Chang asked me to go with him somewhere. I had no idea where until I actually got there. In the market, across the street from the Convention Center, there’s this cookie place that sells cookies for 1 dollar each when they’re ready to close. Now, these cookies are the best cookies I’ve ever had, period. We’re talking so good, that he bought well over 200 bucks worth of them over the course of the weekend. And I heard nothing but praise about them from everyone. Even the Chinese food I had was amazing.

While I was on my own planet, indulging in peanut butter cookies, I came across many faces I haven’t seen in a long time. PTQ grinders, trading grinders, the always chill group of Christian Calcano, Edgar Flores, Alex Bertoncini, Tom Dixon (who was rocking a sick Jund list for the PT), AJ Kerrigan and company, and my personal favorite, Lauren Lee (My adoration for this woman is not to be messed with). After a bunch of hanging out, getting some Modern games in (did I mention I can’t get enough of this format?), and acting ridiculous, we decide to call it a night and get to our hotel.

Once we’re there, we decide to play some more cards for a couple more hours. I play some more Modern against Dylan Hiester, and some Standard “dollar games” against Lambros (bet 1 dollar, win it for each game you win). Dollar games are a great way to force yourself to play tighter, and I highly suggest you try doing it from time to time if you have the money to spare. This goes on until about 3am I think, and we’re ready to go to sleep. We head up to the hotel room, complete with a comfortable chair and footrest, which I was able to make into a surprisingly comfortable sleeping spot. And we recharge for tomorrow…

…until Lambros starts fucking snoring…

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